Natural Barefoot Hoof Trimming
                                 Using the "wild hoof" model

Customer Comment



Petra Morkel & Max
~ Franklin, Williamson County TN

"I bought my horse Max as a un-broke 6 year old. He had grown up out in the pasture and had very little care. I bought him as a project horse and he has turned out to be a great one.

His feet were terrible when I bought him, long and flared out.  I had different farriers try all sorts of different shoes on him to try and bring his ĒheelsĒ off the ground.  He was constantly getting abscesses and had serious wall cracks from the nails.  The farriers kept telling me I needed to pull his toes back to lift up his heels.  I started training him in Dressage and Jumping.  I was so unhappy with his feet and did not see any improvement.  I starting practicing Dressage tests and noticed on live film footage that he was paddling his feet.  Finally in July of 2007 I tried a completely different method, barefoot trimming.  Joe explained to me that Max needed to build a sound hoof wall and adequate sole thickness in order to support his weight.  Joe pulled his shoes off and even that day I could ride him. He was sound as could be.  I continued our regular training, which at this time was 6 days a week for an hour at a time, with cross training over fences.  Since I went barefoot Max has not had one abscess.  I attribute that to the fact that we are not nailing holes into his feet.  Consequently, his hoof walls grew and grew, and we started to bring the flaring down.  His feet started getting more compact and looked so much healthier.  Within about 6 months I noticed on another piece of video footage that he was not paddling at all anymore! His gates are so much smoother and he seems a lot more balanced.  Max was always one to trip and stumble.   Now, he is so sure footed.


We just entered our first show this past weekend and he scored in the upper 60ís. in training 1 and training 2 tests. We are currently jumping 2.6.  I also took him on his first 3-hour trail ride, barefoot, and did not have any problems.  Since then, his feet have been even stronger than ever, because he has developed calluses on his soles.  I also donít feed him any feed.  He is in great body condition on this diet and it has helped minimize flaring and strengthen his hooves.

I have had my horse barefoot trimmed for one year now.  So, all in all I am saving money, he is performing at his peak ability and I have a happy and healthy horse.  You canít beat that. 

I have worked in this industry for 14 years and Joe Amelang is the first farrier I have ever worked with that has been reliable and prompt.  He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain all the ins and outs of the hoof.  He has always been available for questions and is easy to talk to. If you will just do some research you will see that this is the most logical thing to do for your horse.  Go natural!  Go barefoot!  After all, did they ever have shoes out in the wild?  If you will just take the time, and maybe a chance and try something new you might be pleasantly surprised.  Many professional trainers I have worked with in both Florida and Germany are going barefoot.  Itís the thing to do."


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